Morocco Country Islam, but which currently adopts some European habits. In that country we will see women dressed as burqas. The culture is very attached to women and their role in the uniqueness and habits of the Moroccan people and very deferent. . It is a place that, despite respecting other cultures, still retains its religiosity. Trying mint tea is an experience that should be shared with Moroccans who sometimes spend hours sitting in coffee shops contemplating the landscape or simply admiring the urban chaos. 
Our journey has two options for land and airplane you choose what is most interesting for you.
By land we start in Cadiz (southern Spain) where we cross to Tangiers (northern Morocco) by boat;
Until we arrive in the Sahara, we will also enjoy the great Casablanca and Marrakech, where we will host Marrakesh Organics Permaculture center offers workshops relating to sustainability, Organic farming, Permaculture design, Natural building and much more.
Delighting us with fresh and rich food, the basis of many vegetables and we will discover Arabic life inside and outside the traditional Medinas.
Then we will be rebuilt in the desert by a local guide @lhoussin_berber_man
to accompany us on this trip through the desert where we will have camel trekking, typical dinner and also campfire.
The sight of heaven and the silence of the desert are motivations that always make me go back there.
We are going to have an incredible experience.


  Next trip May 2020

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