Tuscany High Light

We chose Tuscany to explore because it is full of stories and little by little we discover the cities of Firenza, Lucca and Pisa.
To learn about the true history of each city and to interact with culture and to make the most of it.
We will stay in a typical Italian house.
Florence visiting the religious construction sites and, enjoying the romantic streets near the Arno River.
This charming part of the Italian city has its contribution to the history of mankind, where physicists and mathematicians renounce themselves to develop their creativity.
We will have the opportunity to see how Italians lead their lives in their day.
We cook and serve your breakfast in our house. We will then take you to the park to enjoy the atmosphere, along with a meditation of gratitude.
we will board the train for a two-hour trip to Pisa
After check-in at our house in Pisa, we will have a picnic near the most important monuments, visiting the “hanging tower” – of course. We visit and enjoy the city and then we have dinner together in a restaurant specializing in salads and pasta.
And then we follow the program.
Tuscany will leave you wanting to come back much more often.