To travel to Athens is to face a reality that blends the modernity of the western world with all the histories of antiquity, we will be impacted by the architecture, the Olympic monuments, philosophical cultures coming from a mixture of centuries perpetuated in modern life. With the miliner energy of this country we are going to enter headlong with a different energy. Connecting with local people we do workshops and visit different places.
Our idea is to host me in typical Greek houses, in the morning we start the day with a coffee at home all together to get to know each other better and interact with the group, then special activities that awaken our hearts to learn about the true life in Greece.
In Athens we will visit the most amazing tourist places, with our guide who is passionate about this country where he has lived and knows every part of it. It will take us into a completely different story from the traditional one.
We start with a short walk on the beach of Egina. It is one of the closest islands to Athens, to begin to feel the beauty of the country.
We will eat a rich Greg salad that is a traditional dish, super tasty and healthy to and after an imaginary trip to time, we board to Santorine and Mikonos, to explore narrow paths in the streets of blue and white houses, which are not part of our current reality but represent part of the history of the Greek Gods of only humans. Where our writing is made differently by the Greeks. One of the most beautiful and warm water regions in the summer. Blessed by nature, we will dive into the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. And we will tell new stories about this wonderful country that offers us so much.