Aurora No Limits, blossomed from a common desire of two…
Dany and Fany’s friends to explore the world and live new challenges, with the goal of making more people have traveled and have their own experiences and insights.
The need to travel on the physical plane is also real. So that we can learn to overcome challenges, discover places and find ourselves in a reality different from ours.
We are two different poles, female and male, different lives but we do not forget that we are human beings. Living as immigrants in a foreign country we decided to write our story by our dream Aurora.
We want to travel all over the world, take energy and goodness everywhere. Build incredible memories and be part of the culture of these places and feel a connection with each place.
With our experiences, we can share a different vision of the most varied destinations; With a special holistic touch we offer many activities during the trips. On the basis of love and friendship, the main goal is to live new horizons, experience new things and make the dreams of our adventurers come true and they leave the comfort zone.
To give our contribution to a better world by helping to improve the energy of human beings and the planet. We offer a real and conscious experience.
Because to travel and live us.

At the end of each experience, more than photos and videos, we will take with us good memories, new learning and connectivity to the world.

Our challenge is your next adventure.