I am Estefânia Farias, from the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul, I come from a small town where life is quiet and daily; but in the search for freedom I chose to cultivate my dreams and live the reality that I chose for myself; to learn about the world and my expectations. On the way to achieve self-knowledge I decided to venture into Europe and I made Portugal my base, where I continue to develop my skills in the area that I have aptitude: image capture and editing. But for my development people started the search for self-knowledge through alternative therapies.

I became a lover of the digital age, and I see people increasingly fascinated by it. But on the other hand I see disconnection as human beings with each other. Sharing good energy and inha contributes to the planet, sharing my story and part of my learning makes me completely grateful.

Living each day with a lot of gratitude, respecting others, I believe it is a process of evolution. The “being present” here and now is always fundamental. I try to develop more and more this part of myself that interprets the energy of everything around me, I seek teachings through reiki, meditation, yoga, and also with the Thetahealing  Where my knowledge develops best during travel. through synchronization with the place.


Travelling has become much more than work, it is a philosophy of life, where I can break my limits and inspire others. With Aurora, I can give my share of contribution to the world. Anyone who is willing to leave their comfort zone for an experience of self-knowledge and cultural experience is

more than welcome, at Aurora we’re in the family,